AI-driven platform automating marketing for better results and business efficiency.

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How It Works

Hunicu is a cutting-edge platform that combines organic marketing and AI to automate tasks, create customized marketing strategies, and simplify business management, all driven by proprietary methods and voice commands, offering professionals and companies a competitive edge in marketing.

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Improve organic Marketing

Our smart software improves your organic marketing with innovative commands and techniques for easy content updates that keep up with the latest trends. Achieve better organic marketing goals and grow your business.

All you need in one place

An intuitive and easy-to-use management software that helps you store contact information, track activity, and improve customer relationships.

API to software integrations

Our software solutions offer a complete API, which allows businesses to easily and seamlessly integrate our technology into your existing systems.

Our Awesome Team

André Silva

CEO & Full-Stack Developer

Maria João

Lead Designer & Marketing

Diogo Teixeira

Lead Developer - Full Stack Developer

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